My intention is to create a paintings that have movement; if you look at a photograph of water, it is static, so I have come up with a unique process to give my work some depth.

I etch the highlights of water;  the foam,  peaks and crests of waves and so on,  onto plexiglass and then mount that on top of my  painting.

I mount it using stand offs and keep it about an inch off the painted panel. The etching causes shadows to fall on the painting and as you walk around the work, it changes, mimicking the ever changing nature of water.


“Sunlight on Water”

This is the final product  showing the panel, the stand offs and the etched plexiglass



Etching Plexiglass: I hand etch the plexiglass with a dremel tool, to create, for example, the water highlights on the water. This adds structure and depth.


Side view of Ocean by Night

“Ocean by Night”

This shows the etched plexiglass and the shadow if causes on the painted surface below. In this instance I have used venetian plaster on the panel as it I can burnish it; giving a dappled, marble effect, which compliments the




Painting: I use a mix of venetian plaster and acrylic, often adding gold or silver leaf.

Setting the plexiglass about half an inch or so above the painting, gives a unique three dimensional feel as the back painting appears to move under the etching when looked at from different angles.


city in rain sideview

“City in Rain”

For this piece I have painted with acrylic onto silver leaf and used a rain effect on the plexiglass.



I was trained in London at the Heatherley School of Fine Art and the Byam Shaw School of Art, which is now part of the Chelsea College of Art.

I have traveled extensively, living in Australia, Europe and have now settled in the US.  I have painted and sold where ever I am and now that my children are older I can devote myself to this passion full time.

I am currently working at my studio at ARTPOST in Austin Texas.